Subnautica | All 16 creature eggs, and mini creatures

Subnautica | All 16 creature eggs, and mini creatures

UPDATED TWITTER: All babies from Spadefish to Reefback. All of these have an egg form, but not all the eggs can be obtained right now in survival, freedom or hardcore mode. I’m pretty sure none of them in the “baby” or “small” stage makes any sounds.
All creatures are friendly as long as their are in Alien Containment Aquarium.

eXernox PLUS:


Help others with subtitles if you can, and want to take part in videos:

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Why am I uploading this stuff?

Well, some people for many different reasons don’t have Subnautica, or their computer cannot handle it. Some people are interested like me in specific things like animations, voice lines, sounds and other stuff. I am here to provide this stuff for them.

Rating is always appreciated.

I wish you good day.

Thanks for watching!


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