Skype in the Classroom | World Oceans Day with CA State Parks

Skype in the Classroom | World Oceans Day with CA State Parks

We will be virtually floating down the coast of California to visit four Marine Protected Areas to learn live from our interpreters and raise students’ awareness about marine conservation!

We will travel to:

1. North Coast Redwoods District to join Interpreter Angie and visit one of California’s north most MPAs! We will discover what treasures lay beneath the windswept sandy shore and explore what marine protection means for this remote coast. Together we can!

2. Sonoma Mendocino Coast District to meet Interpreter Kat and explore a fully articulated whale skeleton at MacKerricher State Park! Through exploration of this skeleton we will learn about unique features of these friendly marine mammals, and what we can do to ensure their health and safety. Together we can protect these gentle ocean giants!

3. Celebrate World Ocean Day at Point Lobos SNR with California State Park Interpreter, Daniel. Together we can experience the giant kelp forest, learn about the animals that depend upon it, and what we can do to make sure our oceans are healthy and protected!

4. Join Robin at Morro Bay State Park and dive into Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to discover how they help protect our oceans. Learn how you can help protect our oceans as well, with the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

* This event was live- streamed on June 8, 2020

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