Ocelot facts: the fat-hand cat | Animal Fact Files

Ocelot facts: the fat-hand cat | Animal Fact Files

Ocelots are wild cats native to Central and South America who may also appear on rare occasion in the southern most parts of North America, though in the past their range extended further into the United States. Ocelots can’t roar and are generally considered “small cats” even though they can more than double domestic cats in size (at least the males can)! Ocelots hunt rodents, reptiles, and even fish! They may have up to three kittens in a litter, and on average live up to a decade in the wild.

Scientific Name: Leopardus pardalis
Range: South and Central America (limited areas in North America)
Diet: rats, iguanas, agoutis, opossums, armadillos, anteaters, deer, monkeys, tortoises, birds, fish, and crustaceans
Size: Males up to 35 pounds (16kg); females half this size
Life Span: Up to a decade in the wild

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