Kangaroos – a major problem for environmental properties and for threatened species.

Kangaroos - a major problem for environmental properties and for threatened species.

Humans have altered landscapes so Kangaroos are provided with extra grass and water and their numbers increase to an unsustainable extent.
Then we have dry years, like the last 2 years, and Kangaroos do enormous damage to native plants and declining animal and bird species.
We have created Kangaroo exclusion areas and this means that the difference Kangaroos make can be easily seen.
The accompanying footage show photos from the last two years and videos of kangaroos from the last 5 years. Our 350 acre property has about 4 mobs this size that visit or live on our place.
We are trying to increase the diversity of plants on our property and provide nectar, seed and insects over a much longer period.
We recommend the planting of our local Banksia that used to be widespread and is now almost gone as this species and Bursaria spinosa and Allocasurina can be very helpful for threatened woodland birds and animals.
We highly recommend the article: http://ianluntecology.com/2013/10/13/forgotten-woodlands-future-landscapes/#more-7913
Everyone involved in revegetation should read it as it explains really well why the Banksia is so important.
Unfortunately these 3 species are particularly targeted by Kangaroos, they eat them and the big males break them down as part of their territorial displays. There are many other native plants that they leave alone.
The photos show what we have to do to guard these 3 species and how they are still attacked by large kangaroos.
After the photo of the Australian Pipit on the orange fence you can see how well these 3 species grow when protected from Kangaroos. These were planted the same time as the ones in the big plastic guards – 5 years ago. The area shown was devoid of plants (apart from roadside trees) when we bought the property 6 years ago.
The fences have been there for 2 to 5 years and before they were erected the ground inside and out was exactly the same. Now the difference is extreme and the erosion and washing away of soil and litter outside the fence is profound.
Our property would have had zero grass seed and zero low ground flora for the last three years if it were not for our exclusions. We have now fenced out all our permanent water supplies in an effort to reduce Kangaroo numbers.


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