Cats With Flat Faces – 10 Cat Breeds & Facts

Cats With Flat Faces – 10 Cat Breeds & Facts

How come cats with flat faces are so cute and adorable?

Probably, it could be due to anything ranging from their cuddly stuffed toy like looks, outstanding shoe-button eyes or their mushy pug eyes. However, do remember that these cute little softies are living beings like us.

In other words, those crushed faces can melt even the cruelest of hearts.
British Shorthair Cat:
Just tune into those mesmerising eyes and you will realise why people crave for the British Shorthair cats. In brief, British Shorthair cats with flat faces have a 100-year-old history and are the most popular cat breed in Britain.
Persian Cats With Flat Faces:
Persians are appreciated for their unique sweet, distinct expressions and luxurious fur.
The Burmilla Cat:
This breed came into existence when Burmese and Chinchilla Persian were bred together. Also, Burmillas are often regarded as another variety of Asian Cat.
Himalayan Cat:
Firstly, the Himalayan cat also represents a mix breed. They are very laid back and calm. Also, with sapphire blue eyes and long silky fur, the Himalayan cats with flat faces are blessed with big hypnotic eyes.
Bombay Cat:
Bombay cats are affectionate and very adaptable to felines. In fact, Bombays love meeting visitors and move well with dogs and children. Being a lap cat, they are keen to take part in games such as fetching.
Scottish Fold:
A cat having floppy ears. In the 60s, these cats were actually called “Flops”. Moreover, Canadians usually call this cat “Coupari”.
Selkirk Rex:
One of the most recent cat breeds, Selkirk Rex breed developed on its own by a cross-breeding between white housecat and tortie. That first animal, Miss Depesto was offered to Jeri Newman who in return bred her with a Black Persian.
The Munchkin Cat:

As a matter of fact, Munchkins can attack and dash with ferocity and they do have short legs. Overall, their playful, cheerful character
The Exotic Shorthair:
Teddy bear like cats with velvety silky fur. Additionally, Exotic Shorthairs lay in a place and expect their owners to cuddle them.

Overall, these cats are very low maintenance and may require occasional wiping of their sensitive eyes.
British Longhair Cat:
In general, British Longhairs and British Shorthairs have only one major difference, fur length.


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