Amazing Animals With Incredibly Real Superpowers

Amazing Animals With Incredibly Real Superpowers

If you lived in a world of immortal animals and zombies, what would you do, where would you hide? We all have our coping techniques and survival strategies. Now imagine if you could cheat and someone gave you a superpower. Here are some animals that have won the “genetic lottery”, and can even make superman look common. Discover the secrets and hidden abilities of earth’s amazing animals.

13 Malaysian exploding ant
How far would you go to save your family and home? This little animal may be small but its super power is mighty. Also known as a kamikaze ant, this native to southeast Asia, is willing to sacrifice itself for its colony. With the largest gland reservoir known in ants, when threaten, the exploding ant would literally split itself open and spray the predator with a lethal sticky substance. These deadly soldiers have been known to go out of their way, not only to protect their beloved colony but also their foraging territory.

12 Honey Badger
11 Gecko!
10 Tardigrade
What would happen if we explore the deepest ends of the ocean? What would we find? What if at the bottom, there is a cure to cancer or a virus that could erase humanity? Meet the superpower animal the best and most impressive beast of all!!! The tardigrade, its incredible all this animal could withstand. Have you ever heard of anything who could survive the coldest of the coldest temperatures, called absolute zero, as well as extreme heat, and ultraviolet radiation from outer space? If that wasn’t enough, how about several thousand pascals of pressure and exposure to gasses? and more… yes, this animal does exist!!!!This unkillable beast measures a heaping size of about 1 millimeter…. And If you have super vision, you could see it without using a microscope!! The tardigrade is also known as a water bear or moss piglet! And lives in any and every possible environment around the globe!

9 Hairy frog
8 Dung Beetle
7 Meerkats

6 Platypus
It’s not an otter, it’s not a duck!! The platypus is by pure definition a rare nature defying animal, that by all accounts it shouldn’t have ever existed!! Native to eastern Australia this super hybrid not only lays eggs and feeds her babies with milk from its breast, like a cat feeds her babies, but it’s equipped with super electroreception. That means that since the platypus has a very poor vision, the electric field that prey generates with movement, allows the platypus to go for a hunt, and succeed. In addition, males have spurs on the hind legs that excrete a potent venom. When he scratches his opponent, he leaves him in serious pain.

5 Parasitoid Wasp
4 Swift
3 Opossum
If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower? Here is one that will shock you. The largest marsupial in the Americas! The opossum has super powers!! Ticks carry Lyme disease among other illnesses that threaten humans if bitten by an infected tick. It was recently discovered that opossums attract ticks and opossums, love to eat them! Therefore, having opossums around your yard will reduce the tick infestation that is out of control in some regions of the US. Besides protecting humans, they are very clean animals and have the superpower of immunity to snake venoms!! Including rattlesnakes and Russel vipers. Research is being done to extract the molecule responsible for the opossum’s super power in other to create antivenoms for animals and humans. These are few of the many reasons why opossums should be given a medal and a safe place to live near our homes.

2 Toxoplasma Gondii
Found worldwide, this is a super powerful single-celled organism that is a parasite… its superpower is so incredible that can, and will control minds!! Capable of infesting any warm-blooded animal but able to reproduce only on cats. If ever exposed to this sinister mastermind parasite, the host can develop antibodies so to not be infected with toxoplasmosis. If mice or humans contract the parasite, they become less fearful and drawn to cats, it the cat ingests the infected mice, this parasite will have its happy ending.

1 Electric Eel
South America is known for many animals with superpowers, such as jaguars who catch their prey with one leap, Piranhas who leave only bones and now, the electric eel. Despite the name, this animal is not an eel but a slender knifefish that can produce electric currents. The electricity produced is not localized but comes from skin cells all over the body. A knifefish can produce 5 times more voltage than a power socket. As you can imagine, this electric eel is at the top of the south American food chain
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