10 Most Unusual Friendships Between Humans And Wild Animals

10 Most Unusual Friendships Between Humans And Wild Animals

There are lots of amazing people out there, but the following people stand out because of the relationships they have with their pets. These 10 most unusual friendships between humans and animals will amaze you and warm your heart at the same time.

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Number 10. Timothy Treadwell

The subject of the hit documentary film Grizzly Man, Timothy Treadwell was very much into grizzly bears, so much so that he decided to live among them in the wild. He shot over 100 hours of video footage while he was living with the bears. His girlfriend Amie Huguenard joined him for a lot of his time amongst the bears. Unfortunately for the couple, they were killed in 2003 when they were viciously attacked by the very bears that they called their friends, proving that cozying up to a ferocious predator like a grizzly isn’t a great idea. Treadwell was convinced that he had gained the trust of key bears, preventing any harm from coming to him – up until a point. He certainly looked like he felt at home when he was hanging out with his bear friends and a lot of the footage seen in Grizzly Man is Treadwell’s own original footage. It was recovered after his death, with German director Werner Herzog putting it to good use in order to tell Treadwell’s story. Some people consider him to be brave, while others think he’s just crazy and it really is nuts to imagine how a guy became so close to a group of wild animals the way he did. Treadwell claimed that his actions were helping to protect the bears from poachers and was also sure that he could eventually tame the wild animals.

Number 9. Wojtek

Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear who ended up being formally admitted into the Polish Army. The soldiers adopted him when they found him as a cup. He was recently orphaned after his mother was shot by hunters and the soldiers happily accepted him as one of their own, taking care of him as he grew up. He was eventually sent to stay with the 2nd Transport Company who named him Wojtek, which basically means ‘happy warrior’ in English. It’s an old Slavic name that’s still relatively popular in Poland today. Wojtek was initially fed condensed milk from a vodka bottle, but eventually moved on to such delicacies as fruit, marmalade, honey, syrup, and beer. He enjoyed drinking beer straight out of the bottle and it was hands down his favourite drink by far. Wojtek learned how to salute the soldiers and became their mascot. When the Polish Corps was reassigned to work alongside the British Army, Wojtek had to be formally enlisted because the British forbade mascots and pets from being kept by soldiers. The workaround was to draft him into the Polish Army and he was assigned the rank of private. He eventually attained the rank of Corporal and helped soldiers by lifting heavy crates filled with artillery shells, easily lifting the 100 pound boxes where they needed to be on the front lines. Wojtek also enjoyed eating cigarettes and died at the ripe old age of 21 after successfully surviving his time in the military. He saw combat all over the world and served his country admirably.

Number 8. Neil and Melanie Griffith

While she was growing up in Sherman Oaks, California, actress Melanie Griffith lived with a lot of big cats parading around her house, including Neil the lion who was an absolutely massive cat, more than deserving of the title ‘king of the jungle’. Her mother, Tippi Hedren, and stepfather, Noel Marshall, collected all sorts of lions and tigers the freely roamed around their house and yard. Neil seems to have been quite tame, despite his size, but members of the family and their hired help were attacked by other animals that they kept as pets, highlighting just how ridiculous the situation must have been on that property. The notorious movie Roar was a bit of an homage to their life, but Melanie ended up getting in way over her head when she decided to star in the movie, requiring 50 stitches after she was mauled on set by a lioness who decided to have a go at her. She wasn’t the only person hurt during the filming of Roar, with most of the cast ending up in the hospital at one point or another due to being attacked.

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