10 Animal Pets That Attacked Their Owner!

10 Animal Pets That Attacked Their Owner!

From human’s best friend gone wild, to pretty scary critters you probably shouldn’t keep as a pet, here are 10 hungry or angry animals that decided to eat their owners……

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10. Andre Lumboga – Dogs
Dogs are great pets, and earn the name “Man’s best friend” for a reason. They are loyal and loving, but require all of their needs to be provided by their owners in exchange. Andre Lumboga from Indonesia failed to keep up with his side of the arrangement, though, and suffered the consequences when he returned from vacation in 2011.

9. Kelly Ann Walz – Bear
Most of the pets on this list seem like the kind of creatures that only very brave, or stupid people would keep, but keeping a 350 pound black bear seems like you’re asking for trouble. Kelly Ann Walz, a 37 year old from Pennsylvania, learned the hard way in 2009 when she made a mistake and paid with her life.

8. Charla Nash – Chimp
Charla Nash visited her friend Sandra Herold, in 2009, and within moments of arriving would be subjected to an horrific attack that would change her life forever. Herold had adopted a chimpanzee called Travis who was well known after appearing in adverts for Coca-Cola and Old Navy.

7. Marius Els – Hippo
They are used to dangerous animals in South Africa, in fact they are where most of the private zoos in the states source their prized exhibitions from, but even this familiarity proved for Marius Els in 2011 when his beloved pet hippopotamus turned its sights on him.

6. Cynthia Lee Gamble – Tiger
Cynthia Lee Gamble’s friends described her as fearless, something that seems understandable considering she kept a 500 pound Bengal tiger in a cage at her home in Minnesota. She was an animal expert and lover, having been involved in a number of movies and documentaries- and frequently raising, training, and filming wolves, wolverines, coyotes and foxes.

5. Terry Vance Garner – Hogs
It’s something you might see in a gangster movie as a way to dispose of bodies, but for one Oregon farmer the vicious nature of hogs became all too clear. Terry Vance Garner went out to feed the hogs on his farm in September of 2012, the same way that he always did, but this time he didn’t return. A family member went to investigate a few hours later and, to their horror, found his dentures and pieces of his body scattered around the pen, but most of Terry had gone- consumed by the herd.

4. James Little – Dog
A little known fact about canines in the wild is that they have a natural tendency to remove diseased flesh. It’s something James Little, a 61 year old from Oregon, probably wishes he had known before he went to sleep one afternoon. You see, James was diabetic and, as the disease affects the extremities and makes them numb, it is thought that his pet Shiba Inu mistook this for a danger, and proceeded to chew off three of his toes.

3. Mark Voegel – Spiders and more
Mark Voegal, from Dortmund in Germany, loved exotic animals and had a large collection of them around his home. From lizards and insects to spiders, snakes and termites, he had pretty much everything you wouldn’t want to see in someone’s house, all in a tiny apartment.

2. Janet Veal – Cats
Cats are also reliant on their owners, particularly if they are kept indoors all the time, so when Janet Veal, a recluse from Ringwood in England, died from natural causes, her pets were left with no choice but to start picking away at their former owner.

1. Ronald Huff – Monitor Lizard
The top spot on our list goes to Ronald Huff from Delaware who, in 2002, was found in his apartment by police officers- surrounded by seven Nile Monitor Lizards that were feeding on his lifeless corpse. Monitor Lizards are wonderful creatures, but not exactly ideal for keeping as pets.

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